Marissa Zappas

Marissa Zappas

The Brand

Applying perfume is a way of invoking a future self, connecting to our bodies and desires. Our perfumes are meant to be worn by anyone inspired by the feminine, in all it's forms. Our fragrances explore what it means to take up space, while recalling past women who had the courage to do the same. We believe perfume is an exercise in memory and an art form that deserves more recognition.

Founded by Marissa Zappas, a perfumer and anthropologist, Redamance aims to establish a more expansive space for olfactive design in the arts, intellectual life, and personal expression.

The Founder

Marissa Zappas is an anthropologist turned perfumer. Her work explores the history of perfumery as it correlates to the history of cemeteries and how perfume acts as an extension of the body. Marissa’s own experience of wearing her grandmother’s Shalimar to channel her spirit and invoke her strength, informed how she wears fragrance. While completing her MA, Marissa worked at Givaudan as part of her ethnographic training. While there, she decided to dive fully into the art of perfumery and began working as a lab apprentice to Master Perfumer, Olivier Gillotin. She trained her nose under his mentorship for two years and it was during this time she began formulating for Redamance with Olivier’s support. She left Givaudan to pursue this full-time in late 2017.